Our Mission

The James D’heron Memorial Foundation, Inc. was established in memory of Deputy Chief James D’heron of the New Brunswick, NJ fire department by his daughter, Erin.

Deputy Chief D’heron died in the line of duty on September 3, 2004 while responding to a fire at a city residence. The fifteen sleeping residents were able to make it out alive thanks to the efforts of this firefighter. Chief D’heron however, was found on the second floor landing after the propane tanks being stored on the first floor hall ignited, and sent a fireball up, killing him instantly.

Chief D’heron gave his life that day so that he could save the lives of those 15 strangers. The James D’heron Memorial Foundation, Inc. promises to continue giving just as Chief D’heron did.

The mission of this foundation is to support existing burn foundations, burn centers and burn survivors.  During the past 9 years The James D’heron Memorial Foundation, Inc. has supported the Art Luf Children’s Burn Camp, The Saint Barnabas Burn Center, and more. The foundation also promises to increase fire safety & awareness.  Our goal is to help those who have been affected by fire and to educate individuals so that more will stay safe both at home and in the line of duty.